Mission of Les Diamants de Somerled

Les Diamants de Somerled is a fully bilingual daycare center in Montreal which prides itself on successfully catering to the needs and development of children.

We value our strong relationships with parents, our amazingly talented educators, and the community and surrounding neighbourhoods within Montreal.

Our curriculum is based on the needs and interests of the children as well as currently relevant themes, though this is merely the stepping stone. Often taking inspiration from the educational philosophy’s of Jean Piaget, Lev Vygotsky, and Reggio Emilia, we inspire the children to reach further, get their hands dirty, and truly explore their environment. We’re a Montreal daycare center that encourages children to ask questions, take chances, and use their support system as a tool for growth. We believe that children truly are sponges, and that we have the tools to enhance their learning, take it a step further, and create hands on learning activities and experiences to stimulate their development and learning success.

We care for them as much as you do!

  • After School

    Our garderie is an extension of your family. We want to celebrate milestones and birthdays with you.

  • Holiday Club

    At Les Diamants de Somerled our care does not end at closing hour. Even during vacation periods.

  • Testimonials

    Here is a sample of a few and we invite our valued parents to send their testimonials when they see fit.

  • Communication

    At Les Diamants de Somerled, we value communication as one of the foremost objectives.